The following is my thoughts on Suicide Squads spoilery material. Just in case you somehow wondered in here by accident and don’t want things from Suicide Squad spoiled for you, this is your warning to get out because otherwise here we go:

So in regards to deaths, it should hopefully be no surprise that Slipknot ends up getting killed to demonstrate the squads headbombs. Not really surprising since the guy whole gimmick was basically “Rope”. That being said I kind of wish they had given the same profile rundown that the rest of the squad had been given as well as a chance to see his abilities in action. Just because he’s the obvious sacrificial lamb doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with him first.

An also not that surprising death goes to GQ Edwards, Rick Flaggs Navy Seal second and command who stands out only because he actually gets a name and some lines unlike the rest of his men. That being said he actually manages to survive until near the end and is actually responsible for killing one of the films big bads. Not bad for what was basically a glorified redshirt.

As for the major character death of El Diablo, I have mixed feelings about that one. On one hand it was a good narrative conclusion to his story, getting redemption by sacrificing his life to take down Incubus but on the other hand he was one of the few characters on the Squad to get a lot of characterization, not to mention he was the only one with superpowers, and it’s a shame to see him go.


Moving onto some other stuff, lets talk about Enchantress and Incubus. The latters existence was very well hidden in the build up to the movie and until he showed up on screen I had thought that Enchantress was going to be the only major villain in the movie. That being said there’s not much to him as he’s basically just a heavy hitting version of Enchantress and he didn’t make much of an impression on me.

Then there’s Enchantress herself and her evil plan to dominate the world using her sky junk laser. Honestly there’s not much to say about that, if there’s one general negative I have about superhero movies of late, it’s that the conquer/destroy the world plotline gets way too much and people need to try something else. Also I don’t know why Enchantresses host June Moon survived this movie other than to give Rick Flagg a happy ending. Because if the sequel still happens are we going to see her again? Because if she does and she gets killed than this would have been all for nothing.


Finally we have our two sequel hooks, Harley Quinn escaping and the Justice League teaser. Of the first, I don’t know if this is a sequel hook for a Batman movie or Suicide Squad 2, but I suspect it won’t be followed up on for a while. As for the Batman thing, Waller giving him the files on the future Justice Leaguers was some decent if unnecessary setup for Justice League, but the thing I took away from this is that I would be curious to see a potential Justice League vs Suicide Squad film.

Anyway, that’s it for my thoughts on the spoiler material, share your owns thoughts on the subjects down in the comments.