It’s a Valentines Day massacre here on the RWBY season finale. Who will live? Who will die? Can Beacon survive this assault? Let’s find out:


We start off where the last episode left off with Cinder and Ozpin fighting each other, seemingly evenly matched. We then cut to airship docks at Beacon as Oobleck and Port attempt to get the students onto some shuttles and off to the safe zone Qrow and Glynda made. Ruby arrives and is greeted by a distraught Weiss. When asked what’s wrong Weiss points out the very injured Blake, Yang , Ren, and Nora much to Ruby’s distress. Sun tries urging them all to leave on the shuttles but Ren and Nora refuse to leave without Jaune and Pyrrha. Ruby and Weiss decide to go look for them and ask Sun to watch over the others as they speed off.

Meanwhile Jaune and Pyrrha manage to escape the tower and try to call Glynda but they suddenly hear Cinder flying up the elevator shaft. Pyrrha resolves to fight her, but Jaune protests this and tries to stop her before she gives him a big kiss and apologizes before she shoves him into a nearby locker and sends it flying off. She then runs into the tower and uses her magnetism powers to launch herself in an elevator to the top of the tower.

Ruby and Weiss arrive at the tower and get a call from Jaune tells them Pyrrha’s plan and begs them to save Pyrrha before throwing his phone down in anguish. The dragon appears and summons a bunch of monster to which Ruby says she has a plan before she and Weiss go running off.


At the top of the tower in Ozpins office Cinder greets the dragon and tells it that it’s home now, at which point Pyrrha arrives at the top of the tower and attacks Cinder. They fight for a bit and Pyrrha manages to get Cinder in a choke hold before Pyrrha is distracted by the dragon flying at the tower, at which point Cinder shatters Pyrrha’s sword with her flames and completely destroys the top of the tower. Pyrrha uses the gears of the tower to attack Cinder but Cinder manages to destroy them.

Down on the ground Weiss and Ruby are still fighting the Grimm when they notice the towers destruction. Weiss creates a glyph path up the tower which Ruby runs up. Back up top Cinder shoots an arrow at Pyrrha tries to counter with her shield. However the arrow phases around the shield and impales her in her leg, which prevents her from standing up. Cinder taunts Pyrrha about not getting the Fall Maiden powers to which Pyrrha asks Cinder if she believes in destiny. Cinder says yes and materializes her bow, Ruby arrives just in time to see Cinder shoot Pyrrha in the chest with the arrow which makes Pyrrha disintegrate. Ruby loses it at this and unleashes a great white light that envelops everything including Cinder who is very unhappy about this.


We get a voice over as Qrow and apparently her father Taiyang discuss the state of things as they are unable to contact the outside world and are unable to locate Ozpin. We cut to Ruby in bed at her house with Taiyang watching over her. She asks what happened to which Taiyang reveals that Qrow saved her and brought her to Taiyang. Ruby asks what happened to Yang to which Taiyang reveals that she’s fine but having a hard time adjusting to things. Ruby then asks about Vale and Beacon to which Taiyang reveals that Vale is under control but that the school is still in danger as the dragon is still there. Taiyang says that Ruby did a number on it and froze it but that it’s still attracting Grimm to the school. This confuses Ruby as she apparently doesn’t have any memory of this to whic Taiyang say that it’s not important. Qrow then shows up and asks for a moment with Ruby to which Taiyang reluctantly agrees to.

Qrow asks Ruby how she’s doing to which Ruby says she hurts all over to which Qrow says that he’s not surprised with what she did. Ruby is confused by this again and asks him what he means with Qrow then asking her what the last thing she remembered was. Ruby remembers Cinder killing Pyrrha and her head hurting and nothing else. Qrow then asks her what the first thing Ozpin said to her was, Ruby doesn’t remember and so Qrow reminds her that he commented on her silver eyes, which are a rare trait. He tells her she’s special as there’s a legend that silver eyed people were destined to lead lives as warriors and that the Grimm were afraid of them because they could freeze a Grimm with a look. Ruby then picks up on the fact that he somehow knew what Ozpin said to her, to which Qrow reveals that all the missions he had been going on were for Opzin’s benefit but now that Ozpin is missing he was going to have to pick up where Ozpin had left off. Ruby asks what she can do to help to which Qrow says she can get some rest as the enemies trail lead to Haven and that’s a long trip away.


Ruby then goes to Yang’s room to see how she’s doing, she goes to leave when Yang doesn’t intially respond but goes to give her a hug after Yang acknowledges her as she’s leaving. Ruby asks her how she’s doing and Yang reveals that she is distraught over the loss of the school, Penny, Pyrrha, and her arm. Ruby asks where Blake and Weiss are to which she reveals that Weiss’s father came and took her back home after the attacks left people in a state of panic and so he took Weiss back to Atlas where he thinks she’ll be safe. Yang then angrily reveals that Blake ran off after they got back to the city. Ruby tries to say there must be a reason to which Yang cuts her off and says sometimes bad things just happen. Ruby asks what they’re going to do next to which Yang says that Ruby can do whatever she wants but that she’s just going to lie in her room for a while. Ruby tells Yang that she loves her and departs.

Several months pass as fall turns into winter as Ruby leaves her house and is greeted by Jaune. She asks him if he sure he wants to go to Haven with her to which he says yes as the camera pans to reveal that Ren and Nora are there as well. They both say they’re sure too and they depart. We get a monologue from an individual that reveals that she is going to snuff out the flame of hope. She asks someone else (Who is later revealed to Ozpin) how it feels to have had all their effort wasted. She says that Opzin wasn’t wrong to have put faith into mankind as when banded together they a formidable force but when doubt is placed into their minds any semblance of power they once had will wash away. They’ll cling to their aspirations that they will succeed but this won’t help them. The individual concludes by saying that Ozpin can send all the Guardians and hunters he wants because they won’t be able to stop her and that she can’t wait for him to go after her because she can’t wait to watch him burn.


We see several different things as this monologue plays; Taiyang finding Ruby’s note about her departure, Yang still in bed, Grimm swarming Beacon, Glynda trying to mend some buildings and failing, Blake running along roof tops, Weiss on an airship with her father, Ruby visiting her mother grave, and finally the mystery lady in some crystalline land who as it appears to be partially Grimm (and who credits reveal is named Salem).

After the credits we see Qrow watching Ruby, Jaune, Ren, and Nora on their journey as he hold’s Ozpin’s cane. He then jumps off the cliff he’s on and transforms into a crow and flies off ending the season.



So this was a really great closer to the season, questions were answered, awesome fights happened, and we have a clear path of where things are going in volume 4. Which is good because the last couple of season ended on some rather abrupt notes with no clear path forward, but not here. Here we know what the plan is for season 4 as Team JNRR heads to Haven in search of answers. So in closing this was the best season they’ve done yet and I’m looking forward to volume 4.



  • How did Ruby know Cinders name? I can’t remember her ever learning it but considering Emerald and Mercury were using their real names I guess she was using hers as well. Ozpin and Co were really behind on things if they never even had names for any of Salem’s people.
  • We didn’t really get any resolutions for some of the characters like the rest of the students or Neo is still alive or what happened to Cinder Emerald and Mercury during the blast but I guess we’ll find out next season as Blake is still in Vale and we’ll undoubtedly be following her while she’s there.
  • I’ll be a review of the season as a whole so stay tuned for that later this week.
  • Well that’s all folks see you several months from now!!