It’s the Super Bowl tonight and instead watching that we’re going to kick back and take in some great RWBY action instead! So let’s get right into it and break down this episodes story:


We open up with the Dragon and some Griffin Grimm flying over Ruby as she stands on the deck of the airship. One of the Griffins attacks and Ruby slays it, only to see Neo taking a picture of her. Neo sends the picture to an annoyed Roman who goes to go help Neo fight her.

Back on the school grounds Blake confronts Adam about why he’s doing this. He says that he’s going to start a revolution and then goes to kill a downed student. Blake stops him but get knocked back by Adam and is almost attacked by a Grimm before Adam kills it. He says that she will pay for her leaving the White Fang.

Elsewhere the students continue to fight off the corrupted robots and Grimm but have a hard time dealing with the giant mechs. Coco calls for Velvet to come slay the mechs to which she excitedly agrees. Weiss is worried about her but Coco tells her to watch. It turns out that Velvet has the ability to duplicate other peoples fighting styles with magical duplicate weapons as she uses Ruby’s, Weiss’s, Blake’s, Yang’s, Sun’s, Coco’s, and Nora’s styles to slay a couple of mechs before she gets taken out by another one. This prompts Weiss to rush in try to defend Velvet, as she gets there she manages to summon the hand of the knight which cleaves the mech in half. Velvet takes a picture of this, revealing that her weapon is actually a camera that allows her to do her duplication trick. They don’t get time to dwell on this as yet another mech appears to attack.


Back on the airship Ruby fights Roman and Neo but can’t manage to handle them both. Ruby asks why Roman is doing this to which Roman says that the people who hired him are going to change the world and that if you can’t beat them, join them. They manage to get Ruby dangling off of the edge of the ship but as Neo is poised to finish Ruby off Ruby sees the button on Neo’s weapon that activates her umbrella function. Ruby hits which cause Neo to get pulled off in a gust of wind. Ruby tells Roman that she doesn’t care and that she will stop him. Roman however beats her down some more saying that if she wants to be a heor she can lie down and like every other huntsmen in history and he’ll continue to lie, cheat, and steal. As he’s saying this and goes to finish off Ruby a Griffin appears behind him and eats him whole. It goes to attack Ruby but she manages to send it crashing through the deck of the airship, which causes it to crash. Ruby retrieves Crescent Rose (Which she had dropped during the fight) and escapes to down the the school below, using Crescent Rose to slow her fall.

On the streets Glynda, Qrow, and Cardin (And only Cardin, no sign of the rest of his team) are fighting off more Grimm when suddenly a beaten up but still alive Ironwood shows up and takes out a bunch of mechs. He says the area is secure but Qrow turns his weapon into scythe mode and appears to go attack Ironwood but instead kills a Griffin that was behind him. Qrow asks Ironwood what they should do next. Ironwood tells Glynda to form a safe zone in Vale while Qrow goes to evacuate the school which is the target of the dragon. Ironwood meanwhile will go get his ship back, only for him to see it crash outside the city. Immediately after this happens all the robots and mechs malfunction and shut down.


At the school the students witness the mech that was attacking them shut down as Yang finally shows up. She asks Weiss where Ruby and Blake are to which Weiss says she doesn’t know where Ruby is and that Blake went to attack and Alpha Grimm and some White Fang. Yang says she’ll go get Blake while Weiss will look for Ruby and runs off.

Down in the Vault Ozpin, Jaune, and Pyrrha rush to Ambers pod. Jaune is surprised by the Vaults existence and wonders what the school would have to hide when he is surprised to see the pod containing Amber’s body. Ozpin tells Pyrrha to get into the pod and tells Jaune if he wants to help then he can stand guard. Pyrrha asks what they do next to which Ozpin says that they do nothing and that what happens next is up to her. After giving Jaune a tearful glance Pyrrha gets into the pod.


Back up top Adam and Blake are still fighting as Adam asks Blake why she turned on the White Fang to which Blake says she didn’t want any of this and just wanted peace. Adam says what she wants is impossible and that all he wanted was Blake, but now all he wants is destroy everything Blake loves starting with Yang who appears nearby looking for Blake.

Back in the vault Ozpin’s prepares to do the power transfer and asks Pyrrha if she’s ready, telling her to say the words to which Pyrrha says yes. Ozpin starts the transfer which begins painfully transferring the Fall maiden powers to Pyrrha. Jaune is alarmed by this and he rushes over to check on Pyrrha Cinder appears and kills Amber by shooting an arrow through her pod.


Back up top Adam stabs Blake in the chest which causes her to cry out and alert Yang to her presence. Yang Berserkers up and rushes Adam, only to get her arm sliced off. Back down in the vault Cinder absorbs the rest of Ambers power and blasts back Jaune when he tries to attack her. Pyrrha goes to attack her but is stopped by Ozpin who tells her to take Jaune and go get Qrow, Ironwood, and Glynda and bring them back here. She obeys and flees the vault with Jaune.

Back up top Adam goes to finish off Yang When Blake jumps in front her. Adam asks why she keeps hurting him and beheads her, only to discover that is was a duplicate as Yang and Blake flee with Adam in pursuit. Back in the vault Cinder muses that Amber was right beneath her feet the whole time and says that “she” was right about how arrogant Ozpin was, which close out the episode.



Well that was a hell of an episode. Yang lost an arm, Roman’s dead, and Cinder now has the full power of the Fall Maiden. I said last week that they were gearing up for a big finale and everything that happened this week just reinforces that belief.



  • Velvet’s Camera Weapon is pretty cool as we haven’t had a mimic character yet and it was interesting to see how one played out in this universe.
  • Also interesting is that Ironwood appears to be extensively cybernetic with his entire right half of his body with cybernetic.
  • So I’m not sure if Neo is dead or not since she had a very plausible way of surviving, her umbrella. Either way I guess we’ll see next week.