It’s been another two weeks and it’s time for more RWBY action! We’re down to three episodes and everything is in chaos as Cinder’s forces attack the city. So jump right in and break down the story:


We start off in the fairgrounds which are being overrun by Grimm as Blake and Weiss watch. They manage to contact Yang via Scroll who asks if Ruby is with them. Blake tells her she isn’t which worries Yang, Yang then reveals the White Fang are attacking the school and that they should meet her at the docks but they’re suddenly cut off by something on Yang’s end. Weiss wonders what they should do to which Blake says that they should do their job, summoning her locker with her weapons in it.

We then cut to the arena where Ruby is in shock as the entire arena attempts to flee from the attacking Nevermore. In the ring itself Pyrrha looks over Penny’s corpse with a shocked look of her own. Jaune tries to get her attention to tell her to get out of the arena and away from the Nevermore. unable to get her attention Jaune rushes into the ring to try and get her but the Nevermore breaks into the arena and knocks them both back. As the Nevermore goes to attack Pyrrha it gets repelled by Ruby wielding one of Penny’s swords. As the Nevermore goes to attack again it suddenly get smashed repeatedly by several lockers belonging to people from Teams JNPR, SSSN, FNKI, CFVY, and ABRN. As the students retrieve their weapons the Nevermore gets back up to attack again, but the teams all work together to slay the Nevermore.

A Tearful Pyrrha then apologizes to Ruby for Penny’s death to which Ruby says she’s sorry as well, but that it’s not Pyrrha’s fault. Jaune agrees, telling Pyrrha that whoever was on the microphone is the one responsible and that they need to make sure that they don’t take anyone else before handing her her weapons. As this happens a group of new Grimm called Griffins apear and the students get ready to attack. However Professor Port and Dr. Oobleck appear and tell the students to get to safety. The students agree and leave as Port and Oobleck prepare to face off against the Griffins.


Meanwhile the crowd from the stadium attempts to flee onto the shuttles leaving from the arena. However a few ships with Grimm on them arrive and begin attacking the crowd. Ironwood and his robots attempt to repel them but start getting cut down. Ironwood manages to expertly handle a few of the Grimm before the students show up. He tells them that city is overrun by Grimm, Beacon is being invaded by the White Fang and one of his ships has been taken over by Roman and that he’s going to go take it back. Jaune asks what the students can do to which Ironwood says that they have two choices: Defend the kingdom or save themselves, adding that no one will fault them if they leave. He then departs as the students decide to take a ship to Beacon.

In the stolen airship Roman messes around with the controls before Neo hands him a scroll which he plugs into the console which does something to the airship’s systems. On the street Glynda and Qrow are fighting off the Grimm when suddenly the robots helping them turn hostile from Romans scroll. At Beacon the same thing happens to a group of robots near Blake and Weiss. In Ironwoods ship the robots with him turn hostile as well firing on him and causing his ship to crash. The students see this from their ship and Ruby in turn jump back out of the ship and into the arena. She finds her locker and uses it to propel herself towards Romans stolen ship. Roman and Neo hear this and Roman sends Neo to investigate.


Back at the school Weiss and Blake fight off the robots and White Fang forces before a giant hostile mech appears and attacks the human troops. Blake and Weiss go to stop it when a giant Grimm goes crashing down onto the other side of the courtyard. Weiss and Blake split up to deal with this threat, with Blake going after the Grimm and Weiss after the mech. As Blake pursues the Grimm she discovers Adam killing a soldier. She horrified to see him and Adam creepily greets her.

The students arrive at Beacon and begin fighting off the Grimm as Cinder, Emerald and Mercury watch from the roof recording the whole thing. Emerald says that it’s almost sad. As they are watching the earth begins to shake with various characters noticing. Outside of town a nearby mountain cracks open and a dragon Grimm flies out of it and towards Beacon, bleeding out black blood that turns into more Grimm. At Beacon Team SSSN and JNPR prepare to fight the new Grimm when Pyrrha notices Ozpin nearby and goes to see him as Jaune chases after her. On a nearby roof Cinder watches this as her eyes begin to glow.



This was a really great episode, We got some really great action sequences and potentially another major death in the form of Ironwood. We’re heading for seems like we’re heading for one truly epic climax and I hope it turns as amazing as I hope it will be.



  • We had another World of Remnant segment last week, it was basically a retelling of the Four Maidens story we heard from several weeks ago.
  • We got a bunch of new Grimm types tonight and they all look excellent.
  • Also we got to see Ironwoods fighting style tonight which is a combination of martial arts and a pistol.