It’s the great villain unmasking of 2016!! Also known as RWBY Chapter 9. So let’s jump right into it and break the episodes story down:


The episode starts off in Ozpin’s office as he watches the “random” draw for the match and is alarmed when Pyrrha and Penny are chosen. In the ring Penny greets Pyrrha as Pyrrha looks on uncertain. Back in the maintenance tunnel Ruby questions Mercury about what he is up to. Mercury doesn’t answer and blocks Ruby’s path as announcers begin the match.

Pyrrha and Penny square off as Ruby and Mercury begin to fight backstage as well before Ruby breaks off and runs away. As Pyrrha and Penny fight Emerald uses her powers to....mind control Pyrrha into seeing things that she’s not? honestly I’m not sure what was going to here since once again only Pyrrha saw the things she saw. Nevertheless at one point Pyrrha see’s an illusion of Penny summoning multiple swords when she only summoned a few and attempts to blast all these swords back at once. unfortunately the wires attached to these swords slice through Penny, killing her. The crowd, Pyrrha, Ozpin, and presumably Penny’s father. are shocked by this. Ruby sees this as well and begins to break down crying.

In the announcers booth Oobleck tells the camera crew to cut the TV feed but he says that they don’t have control of the feed anymore as someone else has taken control. At that moment a broadcast with an image of a black chess queen appears with Cinder’s voice on it. She says that this is what happens when you put your trust into people like the headmasters of the schools and claim that they are just men who can’t protect anyone. She asks the crowd why the Atlas military would need a robot disguised as a little girl. She then goes on to smear Ozpin, pointing out first Yang breaking Mercury’s leg and now this. She ends by saying that the kingdom’s are on the brink of war and when war does break out, who do the people think they can trust. As she ends the broadcast a huge horde of Grim descends on the city.


Back in the arena the people panic as news of the Grimm attack breaks. Ironwood attempts to regain control but a Nevermore (The bird Grimm) begins to attack the forcefield roof of the arena. In Ozpins office Qrow and Glynda rush in to see what they can do but Ozpin tells them to get to the city. Back in the arena Ozpin calls Ironwood who tries to explain Penny but is cut off by Ozpin who tells him to use his army.

On one of the airships a commander attempts to give orders and tries to reach one of the other airships which has had it’s crew taken out by Neo who then frees Roman Torchwick from his prison cell. They then use the airship to take out a couple of the other airships. At the school the White Fang, led by Adam, begin to assault the school with Grimm as the episode ends.



Well this was one hell of an episode. I’m still unclear about what the whole point of the villains plans are besides discrediting Ozpin and his associates and apparently killing people in mass. It’s a shame about Penny though, though I guess someone had to die sooner or later and poor Pyrrha’s going to have that added to her list of troubles from now on. Also I feel like I need an idea of what Emerald’s power is supposed to be because I’m not sure what’s going on there exactly. But other then that this was a great episode and it looks like we’re going for one hell of a ride for these remaining three episodes.



  • Boy is what I said about Ozpin and his group last week more true then ever this week. They really were blind sided by all this.
  • So maybe I missed something but is there some significance to Mistral? Aside from being where Team SSSN and apparently Cinder’s people are from I can’t think of anything that really signifies what there problem with the kingdoms is.
  • I wonder if Penny can be saved or not.