We’re back in the new year with a new episode of RWBY and we’re ready to see the follow up to that dumb cliffhanger in the mid(?)season finale. So let’s get right into it and break down the story.


We start off with a flashback of Cinder confronting a younger Emerald in an alley. Cinder talks a bit to Emerald about the art of stealing as Emerald had just stolen a ring from a jewelry store.

We then get a series of voice overs as we learn that Cinder had offered Emerald a chance to join her and she accepted. We get more voice overs as Cinder and Emerald go in search of an assassin that lives in the mountains with his son. We then cut to Cinder and Emerald confronting a very battered Mercury outside his burning house, it turns out that Mercury had just killed his father. Cinder then offers him a chance to join her as well.

We then cut to the trio having a meeting with Adam Taurus, Blake’s old partner in the White Fang. Cinder is attempting to recruit the White Fang but Adam refuses and the Trio leaves. Blake approaches Adam and askes about the Trio but Adam brushes it off, telling her that they need to prepare for the train operation that appeared in Blake’s original trailer.


We then cut a horse rider traveling down a road. She discovers a little girl crying on the side of the road and goes to help. This is however an illusion which the horse rider, revealed to be the Fall Maiden Amber, realizes and is attacked by Emerald and Mercury. She holds them off and engages her Maiden powers to defeat them. Suddenly Cinder appears and attacks Amber, knocking her down. The Trio then engage her again and manage to deplete her aura but Amber mages to knock them all out again and goes to finish off Emerald. She’s suddenly shot in the back by Cinder and restrained as Cinder puts on a magic glove which allows her to absorb Amber’s powers. The process is interrupted by Qrow who saves Amber’s life and the Trio flee, having completed their goal. We get more voice overs of Cinder talking to someone about her new powers.

We then cut to Adam talking to chainsaw guy about Blakes departure from the White Fang. They’re interupted by the Trio attacking the camp and go to investigate. Cinder once again makes Adam an offer to join her, throwing a bribe of Dust and money while doing so. Though still reluctant Adam apparently says yes.


We then cut back to end of last episode with Yang breaking Mercury’s leg. Paramedic’s show up and take him away to the hospital. The paramedics are intercepted by Cinder and Neo dressed like paramedics the foursome leave the tournament in the ambulance ship.

We then cut to Cinder, Mercury, and Emerald watching a news broadcast about the event while Mercury fixes his apparently cybernetic legs. Cinder and Emerald then leave to go work on the next part of their plan to end the episode.



This was a very good episode, getting some backstory on the villains was interesting, and the fight between The Trio and Amber was very entertaining as this was the first time we’ve seen the trio fight together as a group. I’m still bugged by how the Yang being framed thing went. I forgot that Neo had illusion powers and apparently so does Emerald, and also Neo is apparently the one who threw up the illusion based on a comment Cinder made. The reason it still bugs me is that Mercury has some fairly obvious cybernetic legs and the paramedics would only need one look at them to see what they were (Unless they were being illusioned too). I’m also not sure what the end goal for the frame up is since apparently this somehow was shocking enough to draw a horde of Grimm towards the city. Oh well, I guess we’ll see next week.



  • So there was another World of Remnant video during the break, this one about the Cross Continental Transmit System. Basically, it’s the Internet. Although there was the interesting tidbits such as Dust not working in outer space (Space programs have apparently failed in Remnant) and one tower in the network being taken out knocks the whole thing out. Since Cinder did something to the Transmit in Volume 2 it’s presumably related to this last bit.
  • Roosterteeth has a movie called Lazer Team coming out this month. It looks like it could be interesting.
  • I’m kind of disappointed we didn’t get any back story about Roman or Neo in this episode with the former being mentioned but not appearing and the latter being largely MIA this season.
  • No real reveals about Cinders boss either except for confirming that she definitely has one.