It’s episode 6 of RWBY volume 3 and we are halfway to being done for the season and It feels like it just started too. Well let’s get into it and break down the story.


The Episode begins where the last one left off with Pyrrha meeting with Ozpin and Qrow. Qrow asks Pyrrha what her favorite fairytale is and asks her if she’s familiar with the one about the Seasons. The Story of the Season is that four sisters came upon a reclusive old man and each helps him in their own way with him granting them each a specific power of each season so that they could help others like they helped him. Ozpin then reveals that the story is true and that he called her here because they believe that she is next in line to receive the Fall maidens powers. Ironwood and Glynda then come in and apologize for being late. Pyrrha is confused by all this and asks who they really are.

They then get in the elevator and go down to a place called the Vault, located beneath the school. Pyrrha asks about the Maidens power and she’s told that the maidens power is passed along to young women who are in the thoughts of the maiden when she dies. They reveal that the fall maiden, Amber, had been attacked, had some of her power stolen and was put into a coma. Because of the circumstances of what happened to Amber they don’t know what will happen once her power is transfered. Pyrrha asks why they haven’t told people about this yet with Glynda revealing that their group hid the maidens away to protect them from people who would try and steal their powers. Pyrrha agrees to become the Fall Maiden but Ironwood reveals that it’s not that simple. He says that they can transfer Ambers powers to Pyrrha’s Aura which would make her and Amber one being but they don’t know what that would do to Pyrrha herself. Ozpin tells her to take time to think about it but that they would need an answer before the end of the Vytal Festival because the person who attacked Amber has already made their first move.

We then cut to Cinder sitting in the audience as the final of the tournament begins. In the ring we have Yang (I was right!!), Sun, Pyrrha, Mercury, Penny and some other contestants. We learn that the single matchs are determined immediately before they start and we get a match between Mercury and Yang. Cinder smirks and walks off after seeing this. Yang and Mercury have a fairly evenly matched fight until Yang activates her berserker mode and beats Mercury down to win the match. Mercury does not take this well and tries to attack her afterwards but Yang breaks his leg with a punch. Yang gets surrounded by Atlas troops and we see a fake video of Yang just randomly breaking Mercury’s leg after the match. The episode ends with Yang looking around with a stunned look on her face.



So this was a good episode...right up until the end. Now I’m not someone who complains about stuff a lot, I can find the silver lining in things fairly easily. But having Yang get arrested for defending herself from Mercury in plain sight of an entire arena of people who are apparently fooled by some doctored video that was played on replay just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s just some very confusing storytelling and doesn’t really make any sense. Now besides that last bit I did like the rest of the episode. The idea of fairy tales being real is an interesting idea and I liked the backstory of the Season Maidens a lot. The fight between Yang and Mercury was good as always and I’m glad it finally happened after more than a year of buildup. Maybe the twist will be better next week, I don’t know, but for now I’m not happy with it.



  • So I didn’t mention this last week but this episode opened with it again so I’ll talk about it now: There is a RWBY video game by the name of RWBY: Grim Eclipse out on Steam early access. It started as a fan game that got picked up by Roosterteeth and now has their backing. I’ve not played it personally but it looks fun and I would suggest you give it a look yourself.
  • So I’m not certain but based on her powers I’m guessing that Cinder is the one who attacked the Fall Maiden Amber. It’s that or the potential secret leader that may or may not exist.
  • Seriously so people were really somehow fooled by that stunt Mercury pulled and didn’t see him attack her after the match? They somehow didn’t see this from the stands? That’s just really dumb and I really hope there’s a good explanation for this next week.
  • Since I didn’t mention it, there was a large group of Grimm staring at the Vytal arena during the “Yang viciously attacked Mercury” sequence. I’m sure that will be important later.