It’s the doubles round on RWBY and we are in for some action. So let’s just get right into it and and breakdown the story as it happened:


The episode starts off with Penny and her partner Ciel Soleil demolishing Sky Lark and Russell Thrush of Team CRDL in their doubles round. After the match Ruby congratulates Penny on her victory and Penny tells Ruby that she wants to stay at Beacon. Ruby reminds her that Ironwood would never allow it but Penny says she has a plan and says that she will talk to her later.

We the go to Yang and Weiss in their doubles match. Since their opponents are from Atlas, Weiss expects that their opponents will be in the same predictable form as the rest of Atlas is. However they surprised when their opponents turn out to be Neon Katt and Flynt Coal of Team FNKI, a pair of very skilled oddballs. Neon and Flynt dominate for most of the match with Flynt fighting with a weaponized trumpet and Neon fighting with a set of Nunchuck glowsticks and roller blades. Weiss gets taken out when she attempts to tackle Flynt into a geyser of lava in their arena, but Flynt somehow survives and Yang is forced to go two on one. Yang who has been increasingly annoyed with Neon’s taunting all match goes into her berserker mode and destroys the pair, first by making Flynt’s trumpet backfire on him and then blasting Neon when when she loses her footing for a second on some rocks. Flynt and Neon congratulate Yang and a singed Weiss on their victory before Ruby and Blake come down and do the same.

We then cut to Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury in their dorm room. Cinder discovers that Penny is an android and declares that this will make their plans much easier to fulfill.


We then cut to Professor Ozpin’s office where Qrow comes in and berates Ozpin for how he’s handling Ironwood. Ozpin brushes it off by saying that Ironwoods intentions are in the right place but he’s just misguided. Qrow then asks Ozpin if he’s found his guardian yet. Ozpin says that Guardians choose themselves and he just believes he’s found the right candidate, saying that ever since the day he met her he was sure she was the one, adding that she is strong, intelligent, caring and most importantly she’s ready. As he says this last part we see Pyrrha getting onto an elevator which closes out the episode.


This was another good episode, we got some new plot development from Penny and a nice long fight from Weiss and Yang. Flynt and Neon were a couple of interesting characters and their fighting styles were certainly unique. It would be nice if they gave some greater insight into Cinders plan other than the continual cryptic nonsense that we get every time their plan comes up (Even Mercury and Emerald seemed confused when she said that Penny being an android would help them) But it’s not overly annoying yet. I just hope we don’t have to wait a couple more seasons to finally know what the plan is all about.



  • So Pyrrha being the Guardian is a misdirect I think. Either that or Ozpin will be wrong about her. Especially with whatever Cinder has planned for her.
  • I do hope that we get to see the other have of Team FNKI at some point. If nothing else I want to see how zany they are.
  • So I’m guessing that Yang will be the one to go to the singles round. I can see Weiss attempting to push herself for the spot but I’d say Yang has a better chance of winning than she does.
  • Actually I’m not sure if Yang will even win. Since the whole thing is being rigged by Cinder I expect that this will end in Mercury or Emerald pulling off a win via cheating somehow.
  • So Team CRDL is just the joke squad now, Even more so than Team SSSN, they just show up to get destroyed and then go back to not existing afterwards. Not that I’m complaining, since they’re the resident bully characters, just making an observation.