After another two week hiatus (Last week was a World of Remnant segment) we’re back with RWBY Volume 3 Chapter 4: Lessons Learned! Let’s get things started and break down the story:


We start off where the last episode left off with Emerald and Mercury facing off against Coco and Yatsuhashi. They end with an arena composed of City ruins, forest, steaming rocks, and tall grass fields. Emerald and Mercury disappear into the grass which get’s shredded by Coco with her Gatling Gun revealing them to have completely disappeared before Mercury appears from above and takes the two of them on by himself. Eventually Coco get’s pulled into the woods by Emerald and Yatsuhashi takes on Mercury but is eventually taken out. Coco also meets a similar fate from Emerald after witnessing an apparent illusion of Yatsuhashi that appears just as he get’s eliminated. Fox, Velvet and the others are disappointed as they look on while a satisfied Cinder leaves the arena.

We then cut to Weiss and Winter having lunch where Winter reveals that she is leaving soon, having only come to drop off some reinforcements. Winter tells Weiss that she is glad she is doing well and Weiss says that she can’t wait to show their father waht she’s learned. Winter asks her what that would be and Weiss says that her skill with glyphs is improving, altough she apparently can’t handle summoning yet. Weiss says she can’t do it yet but Winter says she can since all the Schnee family can do it. Winter reveals that their semblance is hereditary unlike most peoples semblances and that she just needs to focus on doing it more.

We then cut to Ruby, Yang and Qrow playing video games in their dorm room. Ruby asks Qrow about last mission and he reveals that he went to a town off the coast of Mystral in search of information. He stopped at the Inn to rest up and that’s when he was defeated...BY THE INNKEEPERS SKIRT LENGTH!!!!! This get’s him a pillow thrown in his face by an annoyed Yang. Ruby then asks why he’s really back in the city since her dad said he would be gone indefinitely. Qrow says that a hunter is expected to get results which Ruby says that she knows all about with them recently saving the city from Roman’s Grimm attack. Qrow asks them if they really believe that they’re team could really stop all the crime in the city by themselves, saying that this is something that Ironwood doesn’t understand. Yang asks him about knowing Ironwood with him brushing it off by saying that he knows everyone in the world thanks to being on the team he was on back in the day and produces a picture of himself, Raven, Taiyang (Ruby and Yangs father) and Summer Rose (Ruby’s mother). Yang is surprised by the picture, something that Qrow notices and quickly puts it away. He starts to head out telling them that graduation doesn’t mean the end of their learning and that the two them will go far if they continue to keep learning and never stop moving forward.


We then cut back to Winter and Weiss who is attempting to summon a creature but fails. Winter berates her for this and says if she can’t do this than she is a failure and should just move back home. She reveals that she knows that their father cut Weiss off financially, asking her what she did to deserve it. Weiss says she doesn’t know but Winter says that her avoiding contact with their father probably has something to do with it, which enrages Weiss into attempting another summon. Winter then tells her that she has two choices she can either, call their father ask for the money back and explain why she’s studying at Beacon again or, She can continue exploring the world and find herself in the process. The two sisters embrace and depart, going their separate ways before the pans over and reveals that Weiss had managed to summon a tiny sword that dissipates when a caterpillar touches it. The episode ends with Weiss waving goodbye to Winters ship as she gets another call from her father that she rejects as she happily walks off into the distance.


This was another fine episode, I’m glad that we got to see Coco and Yatsuhashi in action again even if it was a curb stomp battle they were on the receiving end of. Learning about more about Ruby, Yang, and Weiss’s family situation was also pretty nice as well as the reveal of some more Weiss’s abilities. Also the walking animations on this show are getting better which is always a good thing. Anyway that’s all for now, see you next time!!!



  • So I didn’t cover last weeks World of Remnant video because there’s not a lot to them, they’re just exposition on the shows lore. So I’ll just be reviewing them in the miscellaneous section of these reviews. and with that said:
  • World of Remnant review: This episode covered Hunters; their history, how they’re trained, and their purpose in the world. Basically they’re neutral parties who try to stay out of the worlds politics and just focus on protecting it’s people.
  • So I guess that weird dreamlike sequence with Yang and Raven at the end of last Volume actually happened based on how weird Yang was acting during that bit with the picture.
  • I liked the slower version of Weiss’s theme song that played during her final scene, that was cool.