After a two week break it looks like we’re back with a new episode of RWBY. Hold onto your gunblades everyone as we break the story:


We start off with Ruby and Weiss rushing down to the landing bay to greet Winter as she arrives at the academy. Weiss is excited to see her sister but Winter remains disinterested and unimpressed. Winter and Weiss head off to see Weiss’s dorm rooms but they’re interrupted by Qrow who throws insults at Winter (Something that’s witnessed by Mercury who runs off with a fearful look on his face) who then starts a fight with Qrow that ends with the arrival of Ironwood and Penny. Ironwood admonishes the two of them but is interrupted by Ozpin and Glynda who disperses the crowd that was watching the fight and Ironwood leaves with Winter. Ruby and Qrow happily greet each other before Qrow leaves to have a word with Ozpin.

In Ozpins office Ozpin, Glynda, Ironwood, Qrow, and Winter discuss the fight and the fact that Qrow had been out of contact for a while. Qrow tells them that their enemy had infiltrated the school and is annoyed when they reveal that they already know this. He complains about Winter’s presence and Ironwood sends her away. Qrow then admonishes Ironwood for bringing an army to Vale, saying that it creates a huge target but Ironwood says that it is necessary and that it makes people feel protected. Qrow however says that the enemy is not afraid of them and that the things that “she” has created are fear. Ozpin adds that fear attracts the Grimm and that a huge army just raise the question of who they’re supposed to fight. Ironwood is annoyed and asks what Ozpin suggests they should do, and Ozpin says that they need to find their Guardian.

In their dorm room Mercury tells Cinder and Emerald about Qrow’s presence. Emerald asks what they should do and Cinder says they should do nothing, saying that Ozpins’s circle doesn’t know who they are and that they should just stay the course. She says that all the heavy lifting is being done by someone else and that they have a new access point. She dismisses them and then uses her pad device to have Emerald & Mercury face off against Coco & Yatsumashi in the doubles round. The episode ends with the match being announced in the coliseum as Cinder sarcastically claps in the stands.



This was a good episode, there was a lot more story development this time around and we got to meet Winter and get some characterization for her and Qrow. As always the fight scene was great with Winter fighting in a modified style of Weiss’s and Qrow showing off some of his gunblade skills (But not the scythe version). All in all I’m looking forward to what happens next.



  • So last year they included fan art as part of the credit sequences and this year they’re doing official art as part of the credit sequences, like the one at the top. I always love seeing stuff like that, seeing how they decided to put a character together.
  • I like that they saved Qrow’s scythe form of his weapon, it gives us something new to look forward to in his next fight.
  • I don’t know why we wouldn’t but I hope we get to see that tournament match next week. All four of those characters haven’t been in combat much and I hope we get the chance to see them in action again.
  • So is the “She” that Qrow mentioned? Cinder? Raven (If she’s a villain)? Or someone we haven’t met yet?