It’s a new season of RWBY and it’s time for more over the top animated combat action!!! It’s nice to see that the series is continuing in spite of Monty Oum’s tragic death back in February. Anyway since nobody seems to be covering this I thought I’d give it a go and see how I do. Since I missed starting this last week since I was busy I’m going to do both episode 1 and 2 together and so, up first episode 3.01 Round One

Round One

Anyways this episode was mostly to establish the new seasons story line and introduce us to the Vytal Tournament which had been mentioned several times in the past and is finally starting up. We start the season off with Ruby visting her mothers grave and giving a brief summary of the previous volumes events before we jump straight into the action as Team RWBY faces of against Team ABRN in their first round of the tournament. The fight features a number of cool spots and features a fighter who wields a skateboard/duel pistol hybrid weapon. It also introduces us to the tournaments structure:

Basically there are three rounds, the first round is 4 vs 4 with the winners of that round pick two members of their team to compete in the doubles round with the winners of that round choosing one member to move on to the final singles match. Anyway Team RWBY wins and sends Weiss and Yang to the doubles round.

Afterwards we get some more exposition as Team RWBY goes to get some food at the fairgrounds, we learn that the villains Cinder, Mercury, Emerald, and Neo (Disguised as a Lolita Goth) won their 4-man round and that Emerald and Mercury are moving onto the doubles round. We also learn that Weiss has been cut off financially, apparently because of her refusal to talk to her father, we’ll probably learn more on that one later. Team JNPR then shows and after a meal with Team RWBY we learn that Ren and Nora are oprhans and that Team JNPR has their 4-man match up next with the episode ending on a freeze frame just as that match starts.

Overall I thought it was a good episode, The action sequence was great, the animation for this season looks even better than last year, and the story is shaping up to be very interesting.


New Challengers

This one picks up where the last one left off, with Team JNPR facing off against Team BRNZ in a fairly even match until a member of Team BRNZ attempts to electrocute Nora with a stun rod only to learn that Nora’s Semblance is to absorb electricity and channel it into her strength. She knocks the guy who zapped her across the ring and then absorbs a thunder storm that appears in the ring to blast a giant crater into the ring and send Team BRNZ flying away. At which point Team JNPR has a communication break down about what to do next and starts arguing about what to do next, much to the confusion of their opponents and the audience. Upon remembering that they in a match and exasperated Jaune simply tells Nora to hit Team BRNZ with her hammer, which she does, sending them flying and winning the match for Team JNPR.


We are briefly introduced to Qrow finally as he watches unimpressed in a bar somewhere before we move on to the next match with Team SSSN VS Team NDGO. Despite his name Neptune is apparently afraid of water which is unfortunate because that’s what half the ring is for the next match. We get formal introductions to Sage and Scarlet who only showed up in the background of the last volume, with Sage wielding a great sword (that he doesn’t really get to use before he’s knocked out) and Scarlet wielding a scimitar and pistol combo. Team SSSN manages to just barely pull out a win inspite of losing both Sage and Scarlet and Neptune’s fear of water working against them.

We then cut back to a still unimpressed Qrow in the bar who drunkenly stumbles out after an airship fly’s by. We then cut to Team RWBY watching Sun and Neptune celebrate before noticing the airship from earlier fly by the ring to which Weiss proclaims “she’s here”. Which ends the episode.


Overall I thought that this episode was good as well. The action scenes weren’t as great as the first ones were but were still entertaining. It’s nice to see Sage and Scarlet in action after being in the background in the last Volume and it’s also nice to be introduced to Qrow who was also a background character until now.

That’s all I really have to say for now, stay tuned for next week when we will presumably meet Weiss’s sister Winter.