American Horror Story 6: Chapter 9

Donald Trump taking a Stunner

Luckily for this show, thanks to yesterdays events I’m probably going to be very willing to overlook this episodes flaws. Anyway, on to the recap:



We start off with a trio of hikers walking through the wood towards the Roanoke cabin. They’re fans of the Roanoke Nightmare show and want to see the site. They stumble across Diana who’s running through the woods extremely injured and they chase after her. They follow her to her car where they find her body inside.


Meanwhile back at the house, Audrey and Lee interrogate Gideon about why he’s there and if he has a way back. Audrey flips out on him after he asks Lee about her ear and tells him everything is real. They show him Dom and Shelby’s bodies and he puts together a plan to get them out, being a former navy seal, but they point out that Monet is still out there and Gideon decides to go out after her. He wants to go out alone but they convince him that he needs their help.

Meanwhile the hikers are being interrogated by the cops. They tell their story but the cops don’t believe them and sends them home.


Meanwhile outside the Polks Compound The trio comes up with a plan to steal the Polks truck and escape. Lee decides to go after the Polks tapes while Audrey goes to steal their guns. While doing so she finds Monet tied up. Lee manages to find the tapes and Gideon gets the truck started but gets stabbed by one of the Polks. Meanwhile the other Polk confronts Audrey and Monet but gets shot to death by Audrey. Gideon struggles with the Polk who shot him but gets subdued before Lee shows up and threatens him with the tape containing evidence of the Polks crimes. The Polk sees the Cultists coming for them in the distance and freaks out and flees. Audrey, Lee, and Monet mourn over Gideon’s corpse before fleeing themselves.

Audrey and Monet flee back to the house. Audrey and Monet argue with eachother over their situation before turning the discussion over to Lee and her status. Audrey reveals that she has Lee’s tape and Monet takes it from her and watches Lee’s confession. As the confession plays Lee gets saved by Scathach in the woods and fed a pigs heart.


Meanwhile the Hiker idiots did not go home and continue onto the house. They discover the spot where Mason was burned alive and discover Lee nearby. When they ask her if she needs help she slits one of the Hikers throats and the other two run off. They make it to the production trailer where they encounter Gideon and shove him down before running into the production trailer. The hikers watch the teams production feeds and see Audrey and Monet in the house and Lee heading in that direction.

The hikers call the cops but they don’t believe her and hang up on her. They see that Lee has entered the house and decide to go and stop Lee from killing Audrey and Monet. They head outside the trailer and discover that Gideon is gone.


Back in the cabin Audrey and Monet drink over their situation until they hear a noise elsewhere in the house. They investigate and discover that it’s Lee who appears to be in a trance. She breaks out of it and tells them that they are a vile presence who must be cleansed. Monet goes off on her and Lee shoves her over the stairwell to her death. Audrey flees the house with Lee in pursuit.

Meanwhile the hikers continue onward and discover the house while Audrey makes it to the cellar. She gets stopped by Lee before she can get to the bottom and gets sliced in the neck by Lee and dropped down below. The hikers meanwhile see the Cultists arriving and disemboweling Gideon. They freak and then freak out more when they see that Lee has discovered them.


We then get a viewer discretion notice, saying that the following came from one of the Hikers iCloud account. The Hikers are dragged out to the cultists and both the hikers are impaled on poles and set aflame.

The next day the cops show up and discover all the bodies. As they investigating hear someone making noise and find a mentally broken Lee who apparently doesn’t remember what she did last night. They then discover Audrey who’s still alive and who freaks when she sees Lee and grabs one of the cops guns to kill her. The rest of the cops gun her down though and the show ends.



So that’s that, the real end to the second story arc of this season. Turns out my theory about Lee’s survival was more correct than I thought it would be, what with Lee joining the cultists in the slaughter. The found footage idea was an interesting idea and done in a better way than most of the found footage films I’ve seen. That’s all I have to say about this for now, tune in next week for the wrap up show.



  • Detective Fucked-Up Sherlock was in the Navy Seals and was one of the more competent characters on this show, who would have thought? (Also his name may have actually been Dylan instead of Gideon but whatever)
  • So I’ve said before that I’m curious to watch Taboo but I honestly have no idea what it’s about.
  • I may make threads for Legion if nobody else does it so keep an eye out for that if you want to watch it too.

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