American Horror Story 6: Chapter 8

So we’ve got two more episodes left and I don’t know where this thing is going but whatever I’m not annoyed with it yet so let’s go!:



We start out with Dom and Shelby witnessing Agnes’s murder. They freak out over it and flee down to the tunnel in the basement. Shelby stops and begins to freak out about seeing Matt’s corpse until Dom grabs her and pulls her into the tunnel. In the tunnel they encounter the Jinn’s and flee back the way they came.


Back in the weed shack Mama Polk attempts to teach her son Jether how to carve up Lee for meat. Mama Polk then tells the story about how her family started up cannibalism after killing some thieves. She then reveals that the cops are in her pocket and they start carving Lee up. Later on after Lee has been mutilated more she starts talking to Jether and tries to convince him to let her go with the promise of him being on TV. He then reveals the origin story of Pigman, revealing that he was Kincaid Polk who acted as a serial killer after getting some inspiration from the Butcher. He freaks out at her for trying to convince him to be on TV. He then offers her some cocaine which she intially refuse but then accepts after realizing that she’s going to die.

Back in the house Dom and Shelby flee the Jinn’s and make it back upstairs. Shelby begins to break down say they’re going to die but Dom tries to convince her to continue on. Pigman then shows up and attacks them but they fight them off only to be surrounded by the other ghosts. The chandelier then falls and breaks Shelby’s leg but they manage to get upstairs and into the bathroom. Shelby starts breaking down again over killing Matt and then slits her own throat.


Back in the Weed Shack, Lee calls out to Jether and asks him to show her her picture of Flora so she can see her one last time before she dies. She then asks to talk to her and Jether records a final message for her. She tells Flora that she’s the one who killed Mason because he was going to take her away. Afterwards Jether reveals that he’s going to be the one to kill Lee even though he doesn’t want to. Jether then gets rapey with Lee and starts to untie her which she takes advantage of and frees herself and kills Jether.

Back in the house Dom freaks out at the cameras over everything that happened, saying that he didn’t sign up for this and only wanted his own spinoff.


Back in the weed shack Audrey and Monet are being interrogated by the Polks about their kids taken away. The Polks think that Audrey and Monet are actually Shelby and Lee and that TV is real. They then try to pull Monet’s teeth out to finish their teeth necklaces but the chair breaks and Monet is able to break free and escape. Mama Polk then comes in and orders the her sons to go track her down she orders her sons to go after her. Mama Polk then goes to pull out Audrey’s teeth and Audrey insults her and her family. Mama gets mad and pulls her teeth out in rage. Monet meanwhile is chased through the woods by the Polk sons. back in the weed shack Lee sneaks up behind Mama Polk and knocks her out and frees Audrey. Audrey then bashes Mama’s brains in with a hammer.

Lee and Audrey then sneak into the Roanoke house through the tunnel where they find Matt’s corpse. Lee breaks down over it but Audrey drags her out of the basement. They discover that everyone is missing and they head upstairs to get some pain medicine for Lee. She gives her some pills and goes to get her some water when they find Shelby’s body Matt then reveals his presence and reveals everything that happened. They don’t believe him and kick him out of the room where he is then killed by Pigman. Audrey says her goodbyes into the camera thinking she’s going to die.


In the morning Lee proclaims that they should go back to the farm and get the videos of them killing the Polks (And Lee’s confession of Mason’s murder). Audrey’s reluctant but Lee convinces her and try to go out the front entrance. When they do they find Pigman there but it turns out to be Ambroses reenactor Gideon.


I thought last week that thing were winding down and that this would episode would resolve the second story arc of the season but it seems we still have more to come. Introducing Detective Fucked Up Irish Sherlock as another character really late in the game is an interesting direction but one I’m not opposed to. I also still think Lee is going to be the survivor but now it’s because she did in fact kill Mason and her escaping and having to face justice seems like the kind of direction this show will go.


Something I didn’t really bring up in the last few reviews is that I like the decayed look the real ghosts have on this show. It sets them apart from reenactors in a distinct way (Though I do wonder why no other ghosts in the franchise share this feature).

Anyway that’s all I really have to say about this, these reviews are more recap than review I’ve noticed. It seems when this show is actually decent I don’t really have anything to say about it.



  • Taissa Farmiga and Matt Bomer are supposed to be on this season at some point. As what I can’t fathom but they will be appearing.
  • So between cannibalism, incest, and shitty cabins in the woods they really hit every evil hick stereotype didn’t they? No casual racism though (unless I missed something)
  • Next week we’ve got hikers in the woods so I guess we’re going to get something Blair Witchisms.

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