American Horror Story 6: Chapter 7

Colonel Dolph Ziggler, pusher of KFC.

Our super big twist was a change in format so that was lame. However this show is still going well so let’s see how the rest of this season plays out and get started on the recap:


We start off with Sid watching footage in the production trailer of Matt and Dominic fighting and being pleased with what he sees. Alisa the sandwich girl comes in and brings him and the cameraman sandwiches and asks about Diana. Sid writes Diana off and Alisa leaves. Suddenly the cameraman witnesses Rory’s death and they hear Alisa scream from outside. They go out and find her with her throat cut and they are suddenly attacked and killed by Agnes who screams some lines into the camera as it dies.


We then cut to Audrey looking for Rory but she can’t find him. The others start to search for him and find a large pile of blood where Rory died. Audrey suddenly decides that Rory must have left for his job offer back in LA. She then shares in her confessional that she thinks that Rory had abandoned her and their marriage.

Down in the bunker Agnes goes more and more insane over her actions. Her torch suddenly goes out and when she gets it relit several voodoo dolls are now hanging from the ceiling.

The next morning Lee, Monet, and Dominic aregue over Monet’s drinking. Dominic then tries to seduce Shelby and Matt comes in and sees them. He tells them that he doesn’t care what they do and tells them off. Dominic then reveals that Sid had brought him back to play the bad guy of the group and was wired up with a body cam.

In her room Shelby crys over her situation with Matt. She then notices a hidden camera and goes to investigate it. Agnes then comes in behind her and threatens her before slicing her in the neck. Dominic then comes in and fights Agnes off. As he goes to comfort Shelby, Agnes sneaks off.


Audrey and Matt then come in and bandages up Shelby. Lee comes in and tells everyone that the phone lines were cut. Dom then screams into the camera for Sid to get some help. They get no response and Lee, Audrey, and Monet decide to go to the trailer themselves. They head out through the tunnels and encounter Mott’s ghost and hoot at him to no effect. They make it out into the woods and decide to continue on to the trailer.

Matt goes to talk to Shelby about their relationship. Matt says he feels like he lost something in this house and it’s why he came back.


The trio continues through the woods and sees the blood moon. They make it to the trailer and find the crew dead. Agnes then shows up and Lee kills her. They decide to walk to town and witness some cultists walking through the woods. They flee from them and while hiding Audrey leaves a message on her phone for Rory that he gave her the best months of her life. Blood then drops on her head and they look up to see Rory’s body hanging from the tree.

Audrey mourns Rorys death when people with flashlights come up searching for them. They run away but are captured.


Back in the bunker, Agnes, who’s still alive pulls the bullet out of her body and vows vengeance.

Back in the house Matt wakes up in a trance and walks down to the basement. Dom sees him and follows. In the basement is the witch who attacks Matt. Dom goes and gets Shelby and takes her to the basement where she attacks the witch. Matt then reveals that he was in love with the witch and that she’s the reason he came back. Shelby then attacks him and bashes his head in in rage until Dom pulls her off of him.


Lee is taken and tied up in the hillbillies weed shack. They then lather up and stab Lee in the leg with designs to eat it.

Back in the house Dom manages to get the crowbar away from Shelby as she breaks down over murdering Matt. Dom tries to convince Shelby to confess to the murder when he hears a noise outside. It turns out to be Agnes pouring gas on the house.


Back at the hillbillies place Monet and Audrey are forced to eat pieces of Lee.

Agnes screams at the house while Shelby and Dom look on. The cultists then come up behind Agnes and she greets them before realizing that the real Butcher is in front of her. The Butcher then kills her as the episode ends.



We seem to be wrapping things up really fast again and I don’t know what to make of that. I mean, the episode was pretty good but we’ve already put the surviving characters in no win situations and it seems like next week things may be over again. I sure hope that doesn’t mean that we’re in for another big twist in episode nine.



  • Dos Equis got a new “Most Interesting Man in the world”, I miss the old guy.
  • I was already getting it but Titanfall 2's launch trailer is great.
  • I like the slow drip of Legion trailers we’re getting, it looks like an interesting show.

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