American Horror Story 6: Chapter 6

Like Sidney, everything must be documented for Matt Hardy!!

It’s time for the big twist! And a big twist deserves a big twisting gif courtesy of Matt Hardy. Anyway onto the review which isn’t as twisty as they claimed.



We open up text revealing that the Roanoke Nightmare show was very successful and the interviewer from the show Sid pitches the idea of doing a special at the Roanoke House with the real people & the actors from the Roanoke Nightmare show to some network executives. He manages to convince the executives that it’s a good idea but is told by his assistant Diana that Shelby has refused to do the show.


Sid then interviews Shelby about her time after doing the show. She reveals that she’s been getting hate mail and that her and Matt had broken up after she had an affair with his actor Dominic Banks. She then reveals that she’ll do the show as a chance to talk to Matt again.

Sid’s crew then sets the house with cameras and jump scares. Diana is iffy about the whole thing and tries to convince him not to do it but he refuses. The production team then finds a bunch of fetal pigs set up in a circle.


Sid then interviews Agnes, the actress who played The Butcher about her time in the role. She says that it was a hard role and that she doesn’t think that The Butcher is a villain. It then turns out she had become a little obsessed with the role including chasing people around Hollywood Boulevard dressed as the Butcher and was subsequently committed to a mental hospital. It’s then revealed that Sid thinks that she’s the one who did the pig thing and has a restraining order taken out against her.

We then go to an interview with Lee who reveals that she’s going to be on the show to set things straight about her innocence in the murder of her ex. We then cut to Sid asking a lawyer about any liability about her being on the show. He says that they’ll be fine but that Monique, the actress who played her has a drinking problem and that that could be a problem.


They then cut to the Roanoke house where it’s revealed that a production person beheaded himself. Sid tells the crew to keep working anyway and Diana flips out on him and drives off. As she records herself trying to explain herself she sees a little girl dressed as a cultist on the side of the road and continues driving on when she’s suddenly grabbed by Pig Man who apparently kills her as text flashes on the screen saying that her body was never found.

We then cut to Audrey Tindle, the actress who played Shelby in the reenactment. She reveals that she and Rory, the actor who played Edward Mott got married after meeting on set. They then arrive at the house and start unpacking when Rory gets a call to go do a screen test back in LA. Agnes then breaks a window near the couple and freaks them out.


The others then arrive and everything is tense. Lee then starts a fight with Shelby over her cheating on Matt and having Lee arrested.

Later in the Kitchen Rory, Audrey, and Monique are having a conversation about the fight when Matt comes in and points out the Blood Moon in the sky. We then get text on the screen revealing that over the next three days the participants of the show all died except one and that everything that follows is found footage of the show.


Rory and Audrey film a sex tape in the hot tub while everyone else unpacks in their rooms. Shelby sneaks down to the basement to talk to Matt about their relationship, but Matt tells her they shouldn’t have come back to this house. In the Kitchen Lee and Monique talk about Monique being a drunk and Monique tells her she’s a drunk because of Lee being a murderer.

Dominic then finally shows up and Matt starts a fight with him. In the shower Audrey is attacked by Pig Man and she freaks out over it. Rory goes looking for him but can’t find him and is killed by the nurse sisters. Matt finds the writing on the wall now with an R at the end of “Murder”. He then reveals this to the others as the show ends.



That was the big twist? A change in format? Don’t get me wrong, this was a good episode but still, that was not really worth the hype. I do like the idea of the show turning into a found footage thing combined with the reenactors and and interviewees staying in the house together and dying. So far this show hasn’t fallen flat and hopefully this new format will keep things fresh for the remaining four episodes.



  • I wish Makeagif would let you have different lines of text in a gif.
  • A Cure for Wellness looks like a weird plot twisty film.
  • The more I see it, the more I’m curious about Taboo.
  • Legion is actually looking pretty good.

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