American Horror Story 6: Chapter 5

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So we’re already at a climax point in the story and we still have half a season left too go. That big twist that’s allegedly coming in episode 6 better be very good. Anyway, onto this weeks recap and review:



We start off with a historian telling the story about the Roanoke house. We then cut to a 18th century auction where 18th century Evan Peters buys the whole lot because he is very enamored with art. He then builds the Roanoke house because he hates being around people. He had left his wife and child to be with his boyfriend/manservant.


Strange happens begin to happen around the estate, including Evan Peters beloved art being destroyed. He locks up all his servants in an attempt to get them to confess to the crime, even though the servants saw The Butcher do it. Later that night the cultists come and kill Evan Peters by impaling him through the back with a giant pole and then burning him alive. His boyfriend is arrested for the murder and all the servants die down in the cellar. The historian then name drops the events of Freakshow and says that she would never stay in the Roanoke house.

Back in the main story the cultists demand that Matt, Shelby, and Flora turn themselves over to the cultists. Matt gives Shelby his keys and tells her to take Flora and flee. They try to do so but a ghost girl grabs Flora and runs away with her. Meanwhile the cultists burn the vehicles and and past victims of the cultists coral them into the basement. They’re saved by Evan Peters who leads them through some tunnels that he dug out and out into the forest. He then disappears and leaves them and they walk for a while until they’re captured by the hillbilly neighbors.


They find themselves in a barn with the Hillbillies and an injured and nearly dead Elias. The hillbillies had taken his arm and leg. Their Momma comes in and has Elias killed for being rancid meat. They than reveal that they had a deal with the Butcher to help them with the sacrifices in return for leaving the hillbillies alone. Momma then reveals that she intends to turn the trio over to the cultists.

Meanwhile Lee was interogated by the cops relentlessly until they failed to get her to confess and had to let her go. She see’s that she got some texts from Matt and rushes home.


Meanwhile the Hillbillies are driving the trio back to the cultists. Matt manages to get the gun away from one of them and kills the one and knocks out another one and they flee into the woods. They hide in the woods but are found by the hillbillies. Back at the truck, Momma takes a sledgehammer and breaks Shelby’s ankle for the death of the one hillbilly. The hillbilles then finish driving them back to the Roanoke House.

The Cultists thank the hillbillies for bringing them back to them and the Hillbillies leave. The Cultists then prepare to kill the Trio when Lee shows up with the cop. She tells him to call for back up but he drives off. Ambrose then has a change of heart and throws himself and The Butcher into the fire. Evan Peters then cuts Shelby and Matt free and tells them to escape. The pig man then goes to behead Flora but is run over by Lee and they all flee in her car.


They get patched up and then go to stay at a hotel with plans to fly back to Los Angeles. Shelby has a nightmare about the Butcher killing her with a knife, one that she’s been having ever since the they escaped from Roanoke.


So yeah, Climax. Where do you go from here? Other than that it was a good episode. We got what appears to be a resolution to the Millers storyline and some very coherent storytelling (A rarity in American Horror Storyland). Also Evan Peters finally showed up and it was magnificent. I just hope things are just as good going forward, because if there’s one thing American Horror Story does consistently well is that it will always go off the rails at some point.



  • So Elias was alive the entire time? I thought he had been killed and was a ghost when Matt and Shelby met him but I guess not.
  • Doris Kearns Goodwin (The Historian) delivered her lines very dully.
  • So it didn’t really come up until now but Cheyenne Jackson has been playing the interviewer and will apparently be showing up in person next week.

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