American Horror Story 6: Chapter 10

We’re here, the final episode of this season. Where all things will be wrapped up (Hopefully) and everything will reach a satisfying conclusion (Hopefully). So, get get to it then:


We start off a crowd of people watching My Roanoke Nightmare in a movie theater and then having a meet and greet with the cast. We then cut to a Youtube video from one of the fans from the meet and greet bitching about the second season of Roanoke nightmare. We then cut to the surviving Polk making a video saying that he’s going to kill Lee.


We then start off with an opening vignette for a crime show called Crack’d. It gives some back story about her marriage to Mason and the birth of Flora and then how her life fell to pieces. It’s revealed that the cops knew Lee had killed Mason but couldn’t do anything to her because they didn’t have evidence. After the second season however the cops were able to put her on trial but she was acquitted thanks to the Polk’s magic weed. The cops then revealed that they went after her for the murder of Mason. They put Flora on the stand where it’s revealed that Flora had seen the murder take place. However the defense attorney gets Flora to talk about Priscilla and the ghosts and Lee gets acquitted.

We then get the opening monologue of Lana Winters Special. It’s revealed that Lana came out of retirement just to do this interview with Lee. Lee reveals that she’s focused her life on trying to gain custody of Flora. Lana then asks Lee why she wanted to have the interview with Lana when she turned down all others. Lee then reveals she took it because Lana killed her own son and Lee thinks that means Lana will understand her. Lana then reveals that Lee also wanted this interview in order to get a message out to Flora. We then learn that Flora went missing and Lana asks Lee where she is but Lee doesn’t know. The surviving Polk then comes in guns blazing with the intent to kill Lee. Lana tries to talk him down but she fails and he smacks her in the face with the butt of his gun. As he’s about to shoot Lee and cops rush in and gun him down as the camera flashes to a technical difficulties screen.

We then cut to an episode of Spirit Chasers, a show about ghost hunters who went to the Roanoke house to film an episode of the show. They are joined by Cricket’s actor from Roanoke Nightmare, Ashley Gilbert. As they start investigating they see a sheet go flying from atop a bed and then some banging noises. As they continue investigating they find a bonnet belonging to Priscilla. Suddenly Lee shows up looking for Flora. She admonishes the Spirit Chasers for being in the house when a cabinet falls over. The female Spirit Chaser runs downstairs with a tape of a child’s voice which Lee identifies as belonging to Priscilla. They head upstairs and find Priscilla before they are suddenly attacked by Pig Man who kills Ashley. One of the Spirit Chasers, Dave, gets killed by the Yens as the others flee the house. Outside the house the female chaser and one of the camera men gets sliced up the butcher. Bob and the surviving camera man run towards some arriving cops but everyone gets shot dead by arrows. Meanwhile Lee manages to find Flora inside the house

Later on the the house has been surrounded by the cops who say Lee has Flora and another child hostage in the house. Meanwhile William Van Adler, who played Elias in Roanoke Nightmare, gets interviewed by Lee. Lana then gets interviewed about her feelings on Lee. She says that she understands Lee because they are both women who focus on one goal, Flora being Lee’s goal.


Meanwhile in the house Lee tries to explain herself to Flora about why she killed Mason. Lee tries to convince Flora to leave with her but Flora wants to stay with Priscilla to protect her. Lee tries to stop Flora but she’s adamant. Lee then offers to stay in Flora’s place to which Flora turns to Priscilla to get her input. We then cut to outside where the cops see that the house has caught fire. Flora heads outside to the cops while this happens and Priscilla shoots Lee dead. As Flora in put in a cop car to be taken away she sees Lee’s ghost and waves goodbye to her. As the cop car drives away the cultists converge on the house as the series ends.


Well that was interesting. it was kind of all over the place really as they tried to use numerous mediums to wrap up the story. But it was done fairly well and I won’t fault them for that just because they tied up all loose ends that pleases me. Seeing Lana again was fun even though I’ve largely forgotten Asylum at this point, as were the final cameos by Ashley and William (No Lady Gaga though). I wasn’t that thrilled with the ending only because Flora’s deep obsession with Priscilla largely came out of nowhere as did Lee’s decision to kill herself at the end.


As for the season as a whole I actually liked it a lot. They didn’t try to go overboard with their attempts at social commentary like they usually do and they didn’t have any unexplained mythology hanging around as the series ended as as far I can tell everything was adequately explained. The Documentary/Found Footage style story telling was actually very well done in my opinion and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really like/watch either of those things.

For all my praise for this I wouldn’t say that this was my favorite season simply because I had way more fun with Hotel than I did this and there was anything that was memorably stupid. I’m also afraid that season 7 will probably dip back down in quality again as this will be tough to surpass but that’s a problem for later.


Anyway, that’s all for now, see you all in a couple months for Taboo/Legion or if not that the next season of AHS where they’ll be at a summer camp filled with Werenots. It’s gonna be dumb!!!


  • Maybe I missed it but where was Matt Bomer?
  • If the cultists insist on killing everyone present during the Blood Moon I wonder exactly how long will the existence of ghost stay a secret in this universe.
  • That’s all folks, as a final note I leave you with this: The Undertakers 1998 theme song to serenade you to sleep as you dream of blood moons and cultist ghosts.

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