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American Horror Story 5.10

It’s episode Ten!! Ten!! Perfect Ten!! Because NXT Takeover London was tonight and I wanted to make that joke. Anyway let’s get right into it and break the episode down by storyline:


Liz Taylor

The episode begins with Liz monologing about the Hotel and about an old couple that killed themselves over the wives cancer. Liz and Iris discuss the couple and Liz reveals that she wants to kill herself. Iris convinces her to stay alive and resolve her unfinished business with his son Douglas. Iris reveals that she wants to kill herself too over Donovan not loving her.


Liz then recruits Hazel to help her track down her son. Hazel goes on a tirade about Liz’s crossdressing and Liz chases her out after giving her some detergent.

Liz’s son comes to the Hotel and talks to his son Douglas at the bar while not revealing who he really is. They talk about Nick (Liz’s old identity) and speculate about him before the son leaves.


Liz and Iris gives Hazel a washing machine and Hazel tells Liz that his son is looking for him. Liz tries to tell his son that he is his father, but his son reveals that he already knows. They make up and his son tells him that he wants him back in his life.

Liz, who’s happy now goes to see Iris about the suicide. Iris shows Liz a video she made before Liz tells her that she wants to live. Iris is upset about this but Liz rallies her by saying that they should be the ones to inherit the earth and should be running the Hotel which Iris agrees to. See Lady Gaga’s section for how this turns out.


Detective Fucked-Up-Sherlock & Dr. Awful

Detective John crosses “Thou shalt not have any other gods before me” off his list by massacring a pagan church at the urging of Sally.


Mr. March burns the contractor alive as John comes in to see him. March wants John to help him commit more murders outside the hotel. John however wants to see his wife and March takes him to see her.

John and Alex have dinner as John yells at her for his bad decision. Alex tells him that she needs help because Lady Gaga holds her responsible for the Vampire Children apocalypse (totally her fault) and John agrees to help her.


At the house where the kids where they find one of the vampire kids dying. the children surround them and Alex tries to save the dying her but fails.

In the Hotel Alex and John trick the kids into the steel enclosure where they are presumably eaten by Ramona.


Alex and John have sex and discuss their situation and decide to see if it will work out and Alex leaves. Sally shows and berates John for lying about loving her. John tells her that their relationship is over but Sally disagrees and they start to have sex before John stops it. Sally tells John that Alex won’t be able to accept that John is a serial killer. John says he has to try for his kids but Sally calls bullshit and says that he’s doing it for him which John agrees with. John leaves the room and Sally tries to kill him but he stops her and tells her to stay away. The Drilldo demon appears behind Sally much to her worry.

John and Alex retrieve Holden from the game room and depart the Hotel as Sally screams at them to end their portion of the story.


Lady Gaga and Donovan

Lady Gaga brings Natacha to her room and after exchanging insults kills her with a gun. Meanwhile Donovan breaks into Rudolph’s hotel room and kills him with a gun as well and mutilates his corpse.


Lady Gaga gets interviewed by the cops and throws them off the trail before Will shows up. Lady Gaga and Will argue over his murder. He tells her that she’s not in the will and she reminds him that Lachlan is the recipient of his will and threatens Lachlan’s live if Will doesn’t play along.

Donovan and Lady Gaga have dinner and Donovan reveals that he killed Rudolph. Lady Gaga rushes to Rudolph’s hotel room and weeps over his dead body.


In the penthouse Donovan dances to some music when Lady Gaga comes back and muses over losing Rudolph again. Lady Gaga yells at Donovan over killing him and Donovan begs her to kill him. Before she can make up her mind Liz and Iris come in and fire at the two guns akimbo style to end the episode.


This was a good episode. There was a lot of focus on Liz tonight which is always good and the ending of the episode was surprisingly great. I’m really surprised that they apparently killed off Lady Gaga so early but since she’s a ghost I suspect that it’s not going to matter anyway. I’m not sure where Detective Fucked-Up-Sherlock and Dr. Awful’s storyline is going to go from here since I suspect that the shitty Detective is going to try and finish the Commandments or kill Alex because of coffee or whatever. Well that’s it for now, see you in three weeks for the Adventures of Liz and Iris: Hotel Proprietors.



  • I would like to thank Behinddarkglasses for letting me run the reaction thread tonight.
  • In case you missed it I did an article about American Horror Story’s weird vampire pop-culture problem that they’ve made for themselves.
  • Oxy is the detergent of choice for a master cleaner like Hazel.
  • “Being a good person is more important than being famous” Hmmm, if I had to guess I would say that Ryan Murphy doesn’t like the Kardashians.
  • I was really hoping that this would be a Christmas episode, Oh well.
  • The song that played in the final scene was “Hotline Bling” by Drake. Keeping it current AHS.
  • Tonight’s Christmas themed song recommendation is “Home Alone Gangsta Rap” By JT Machinima, because I only like Christmas songs that are very different than regular Christmas songs.

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